Luminen laavu metsässä.

Luminen maisema.

Näköalalaavu is a popular campfire site as it has the widest and most unobstructed views over the Harjureitti landscape. From there the eagle-eyed watcher can see part of Lake Säkylä in Pyhäjärvi. The highest point of this ridge is located in a place called “pikkulappi” in Porsaanharju, 143 m above sea level.


Lumisella laavulla metsässä.

The Klemelaavua shelter is surrounded by an old, long untouched ridge forest. It is an even more peaceful spot than the others because it is set a little off the trail and away from the cross-country ski paths.


Mies kohentaa tulta laavulla.

Rajalaavu is a sheltered place to hide away from high winds, making it perfect for resting and even sleeping overnight.


Mies ja nainen keskustelevat laavulla.

Juvankoskilaavu is halfway between Toimintaloma and the Myllylähde. Hiking on this trail is a really good idea if you have small children who need to be coaxed into enjoying and learning about nature. That’s because the distances from one rest place to another are so short that the journey can be easily accomplished.


Laavu talvisessa maisemassa.

Kantolaavu is a large shelter with plenty of seating and table space and good campfire facilities. It was built in autumn of 2010 and was made to be easy to access once you’ve parked your vehicle; it is right next to Säkyläntie (Säkylä Road). From Kantolaavu you can hike to Porsaanharju (2.6 km) or to Myllylähde (1.6 km) or choose your own route around the trail.


turvekattoinen kammi

Turvekammi can be found beside Myllylähde’s illuminated trail in the shade of deciduous and spruce trees. Alongside the duckboards and trails there are information boards about the geology, groundwater and nature on the ridge. There is also an exhibition about the region at Myllytupa, a working artesian well and observation spot where the spring rises and flows.

Ihmisiä turvekattoisen kammin edustalla.

Turvekammi is an excellent place to rest in bad or good weather as it can accommodate about 25 people at a time. Roughly 50 meters away from the creek, there is a functioning artesian well, which produces clean water throughout the year.

Ihmisiä kammissa.


Kota kesällä.

Luppokota is a 10-meter high winter-warm, cone-shaped hut and the kotasauna is next to it. And close by are the information boards in Lintutupa where you can read – even in the rain – about the birds to be seen along the ridge.