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Kotasauna is a sauna full of character as it is made in the traditional log-style. Users praise its oxygen-rich hits of steam that rise full of flavour from the sauna stones. During both winter and summer you can walk from the sauna and go swimming to cool off. Kotasauna’s front room functions as a dressing room and in front of the sauna a large covered area covers the campfire sites, several tables and wooden benches. On the other side is the winter warm cone-shaped hut Luppokota, which can seat 25 people around its hearth.


Metsäsauna is suitable for self-reliant people who enjoy a really good sauna after trail walking or skiing. After bathing, you can spend some time in varaustupa or at Turvekammi’s campfire site 50 metres away. Metsäsauna can also be rented together with varaustupa (the spare hut) for short or long use. The sauna is wood-heated. Next to the sauna heater there is a separate wood-heated brick fireplace. Good water for the sauna comes into the house by pushing a button to activate a pump. There is also a spacious dressing room at the front of this idyllic forest sauna.


Varaustupa can be rented for day or overnight use as can the forest sauna next to it.

It is thermally insulated and has a wood-heated fireplace to warm you through; you can also cook food on the fireplace’s hotplate. There is a refrigerator and pots, pans and cooking utensils. And when you’re warm, sated, snug and sleepy there is comfortable bedding, mattresses and blankets for weary heads.


The area around Myllylahti’s has a functioning artesian well, an observation point for the spring and Myllytupa’s groundwater and geology exhibition.

It is thermally insulated and has efficient wood heating. Just outside there is a roofed area with table and benches and in the yard you can barbecue and eat around larger tables.

More information at www.toimintaloma.fi