The Nature Trail

Harjureitti is a 28 km long nature trail that was established in 1998 and acquired official status in 2016 when it was marked on Finland’s national land register.

“Pikkulappi” is a well-known trail located in the border region between Southwest Finland and Satakunta in the middle of the only continuous ridge in Southwestern Finland in the Säkylänharju to Virttaankangas area. The ridge area trails are maintained by the towns of Loimaa and Huittinen and the municipalities of Oripää and Säkylä.

The total length of Harjureitti (The Ridge Trail) is 28 km and about 14 km of it is illuminated and it is mostly six metres wide. In the wintertime, the snow guaranteed trail is ploughed and evened out to make it perfect for cross-country skiers – both the traditional and the skating styles.

The region has exceptional terrain because the dry forests, the ridge’s natural environment and the altitude differences make the terrain that takes in Säkylänharju, Porsaanharju, Huovinrinne and Virttaankangas an outdoor mecca worth getting to know in all seasons.

There are a number of different route options to choose from and the starting points have information boards and clearly mark the distance of each route.

Everyman’s Right exists along the trail and to help hikers there are shelters, dry toilets and changing rooms along the way in the Turvekammi, Luppokota, Myllylähde nature areas. There are also spring overflow observation points (Myllylähde = Mill Springs) and two lodges for sports clubs where coffee is served during skiing season.

Also worth visiting are the fascinating geological and groundwater exhibition at Myllytupa, plus birdwatching and nesting areas as well as cottages for hire and forest saunas.

Ihmisiä kävelemässä metsässä.

The whole area is excellent for accommodating events organised by business organisations and individual or group recreational and leisure activities. Due to the region’s solid ground and an abundance of trail networks, it can be roamed in all weathers from early spring to late autumn.

Try it! Test yourself! Set off on a trail that has a clearly marked distance to aim for on your chosen hike.

Ihmisiä kyltin alla kävelemässä.

And if you you would like to discover more about Myllylähde and its leafy natural environment and diversity you can visit the Myllytupa geology and groundwater exhibition.

If you want a more vigorous and active hike and want to add to your knowledge of the ridge, groundwater and geology, select the main ridge’s 8 km loop or the shorter 4 km route between Toimintaloma and Myllylähde. And if you combine the main ridge and the Myllylähde trails, the journey will cover approximately 11 km.

Ihmisiä juttelemassa pöydän ääressä metsässä.

A focal point of a walk on the main ridge is the ridge’s highest point at 143 m above sea level. From there you have an unobstructed view from Porsaanharju and can see “pikkulappi” at its best

However, the ridge is rarely deserted in any season. For example, after a work day in autumn when the darkness descends you can still explore Harjureitti until 22:00 on its illuminated sections. If you would like more detailed information on weather conditions and latitude see: Sää- ja latutiedot. (Weather and ski track info.)

And if you’d like to know whether you have a steep climb – the routes have significant variations in height and steepness – you can get to know the altitude differences by using this webpage.

There are official car park sites near the starting points of the trails. Please note that when travelling by bus or in a large group, the best starting points are from Toimintaloma, the Vampula ulkoilumaja and Eräveikkojen maja.